Receiving Images to Your Skype Botframework Bot (v2!)

If you’re getting a “403” HTTP error when attempting to receive an image sent to your Skype bot, and the previous use of message.ServiceUrl to create a ConnectorClient didn’t work, try this more verbose version which explicitly sets the authorization header: byte[] data; if (image.ContentUrl != null) { using (var connectorClient = new ConnectorClient(new Uri(message.ServiceUrl))) […]

Custom BotFramework Intent Service Implementation

Developing a chatbot with language understanding capabilities is a huge leap from basic pattern recognition on the input to match to specific commands. If you have a botframework chatbot, you’re currently limited to using LUIS as your NLP (Natural Language Processing) provider via the various Luis classes: LuisDialog, LuisModelAttribute, and LuisService. If you’re trying to […]

BotFramework: Avoiding have to make everything [Serializable]

In the last article I touched on how IoC is used within botframework using Autofac. If you’re comfortable with IoC, you probably started to enhance your dialogs using constructor injection, so that you can put your conversation logic outside of your entry point and just start coding without needing an implementation to exist yet, e.g., […]